Languages and Cultures through Socializing


Learning is Always Social!

Socialize with a twist with Speaking Cultures, the perfect way to exchange the richness of your own language for a new cultural experience with online language buddies.

Speaking Cultures is a social network based on the concept of speak dating pair and share, where native language speakers exchange their language and culture with each other, experience the fun of learning a new language – all for free.

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How It Works

Practice the language/s of your choice with like-minded culture vultures and open up new worlds:

  1. Create your “language buddy” profile
  2. Tell us the language you speak
  3. Tell us the language you want to learn
  4. Connect with a buddy and start learning!

Membership Benefits

Free multi-cultural socializing and language exchange

Access to exciting cultural calendar of scheduled online language events

Free one month access to our self-study language platform, to kick-start the language you want to learn

Free access to our multi-language app, to learn new words on the go and impress your buddies

Speaking Cultures Blog

Cultures cultivate the imagination

We have a passion for languages, travel and exploring different cultures. Through the Speaking Cultures Blog, we share our experiences and language / travel tips from around the world, bringing cultures closer together. We love guest blogs about languages and cultures, so would love to hear from you if you want to share some tips to tantalize our buddies.